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Fresh and relevant logo design.

We know you’ll like what you see here… as far as the eye can see, beautiful prime logos and symbols, raised to thrive around the world. Logofarm specialises in logo design, it’s all we do.

In everything from business cards to websites and signage, a logofarm logo delivers a lusty and powerful first impression for any business.

And, in this hardnosed world, a first impression is very often the only one you get.

A logofarm logo says it all.

Building brands for the future, right here in Australia.  

Logofarm is a professional logo design service with over 45 years experience.

We don’t sell ‘off the shelf’ clipart logos. After your initial briefing to us, we present a logo that’s ‘world class’. Our work speaks for itself.

Why pay more for your logo design?

Design fees at design agencies can range from $5000 -$20,000 +.

At Logofarm you pay only $1500.00. We have built our reputation on quality, service and trust.

A Logofarm logo promotes brand recognition and awareness and communicates not just who you are but what you are. A Logofarm logo makes an immediate impact.

It’s said we are exposed to 2000 logos every day. A good logo must be good to look at, it needs to be appealing and promote a positive image and a sense of goodwill.

A Logofarm logo says it all.

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