Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order my Logofarm logo
from the Internet?

Absolutely! This is the great benefit
of the net. Quick and easy, direct from
us to you. What a wonderful world!

How do you know what I want?
We get your instructions from the
Logofarm Briefing Form, that comes
back here to our studio and whiz our
logo concepts come back to you
via emails.

How will you send my logo?
Everything is sent
electronically through the net,
we can supply it in various formats to meet your needs and those of your printer and so on.

What format will my logo be in
when you send it?

We supply our logos in .ai, .jpg, .pdf & .psd file formats.

When it arrives, is my logo ready
to go?

Yep! We make sure that it can be
plugged in wherever it needs to be
plugged in. That's the benefit of a good brief, fertile imaginations and ideas growing strong on our
electronic meadowlands.

How soon will I get my
Logofarm logo?

Well now, we pride ourselves that the
boys and girls will present you with
some seedling ideas in five working
days. Then, after you've chosen the
one you want and signed the
approval, we usually take about a
day to cultivate your chosen idea
and deliver the final logo in full

Paul Custance
Logofarm Director


Paul Custance is a professional 
graphic designer, and heads a team 
of designers specialising in logos
and branding. With over 30 years experience, working in London and Australia, Paul has designed logos for large organisations and every type of business in between. Paul is also called on as a lecturer on branding
and logos with a tertiary institution in Melbourne Australia.